Jom tengok yang ni pulak


After hours and hours of fasting, it's normal for us fasting Muslims to feel the hunger and thirst. And once the Adhan Maghrib is heard, the first thing you would do is to gulp down all the yummy food that's placed in front of you!

So here's one common mistake most of us do but fail to realise; which is food wastage. Most fasting people tend to think that they SHOULD eat alot for fasting after missing all the meals (breakfast, lunch, etc) but the fact is, your stomach can only consume little!

So what happens with the left over food on the table and on your plate?
You tend to throw them away in the garbage.

Ramadhan teaches us to be grateful, but very often our nafs' takes over. Every grain of food and every drop of water or any halal drink must be greatly appreciated. Wasting is the way of the devil!

"Indeed those who waste are the brothers of syaitan (devil). Verily syaitan was most ungrateful to his Rabb" (17:27).

So to avoid wastage of precious food, one should refrain from cooking too much or buying too much food from bazaars!
If possible, try to avoid those ridiculous Buffet "offers" from hotels and restaurants too. RM65++ (about USD21) for adults and RM35++ (USD11) for kids - SERIOUSLY? They're only ripping your money off!

RM3 to RM5 (USD0.95) would be sufficient for an iftar (if bought from bazaar). RM65++ worth of buffet could feed about 13 other stomachs! Wouldn't it be better to use that access amount of money to feed the orphans?

So for the next remaining days of Ramadhan, let's all try to be more careful when it comes to cooking or buying food for iftar, insyaAllah.

Thank you for reading . Peace with love :)

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